CHRYSALIDES: The Post that Started it All


Note: This is the very first post I wrote for Chrysalides (as the blog was titled at that time). Not all of the original posts, articles, and comments were migrated to the new site, but I felt it was especially important to keep this one to mark a personal milestone, and as a reminder of were it all began.  

No, this is not a blog about insects . . .

Chrysalides (the plural form of chrysalis; pronounced kri-SAL-i-deez) is an entomological word which refers to the encased pupal stage of butterflies.  When a caterpillar is fully grown, it fastens its body to a leaf or a twig and forms a protective chrysalis. It is within the chrysalis that growth occurs. Not only does it mature during this stage, but it also differentiates itself from all others. With this being said, I’m sure you can infer the reason I chose the title for this blog.

Regardless of age, we are in a continual stage of growth and development. Though our physical bodies may reach maturity, we continue to change throughout our lifetimes. Our bodies age, our psyches continue to develop, we expand our intellect, and we discover ourselves spiritually. Additionally, as we flow from each stage into another, our roles also change – and as we assume each new role, we are in a position to discover something new about ourselves.

Self-discovery is a process that never ends. If we are perceptive and open, we can gain knowledge from each new experience, and new discoveries will continue to shape our thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, we shouldn’t live our lives passively. We should keep our minds open, actively embracing each moment as an opportunity for growth.

Each day is a new opportunity to discover more about ourselves and to live our lives in a better way than we did the day before. As we settle in each night, we can use those closing moments as an occasion to reflect upon the activities of the day and create our own chrysalis, so to speak, and anticipate each new day as an emergence.

I am seeking to live my life better than I did yesterday, embracing new opportunities each day. My pursuit will never be complete, nor will I ever be perfect. My only goal is to emerge each day as a better person.

*Image: Sutisa Kangvansap


  1. Himanshu says:

    good work 🙂

  2. I’m so excited to see where you will go with this blog! You have a wealth to share. 🙂 Beautiful first post, Ms. I.

  3. Hezzy says:

    I love it! Keep on keepin’ on, Angela. I can’t wait to read more.

  4. elisa says:

    Hey Angie!!!!

    Nice to see u active and relaxed, beautiful butterflies!!! very nice way to compare our lives with this amazing insects!! i’m glad to hear u well! really 😀
    I’ll be watching ur blog often 😉

  5. ross says:

    Great work Angela!!! elisa said i’ll be watching your blog often friend,keep it up!..;)


    Angela you have a beautiful spirit , that was easy for me to feel. I admire what you have done on this site. I pray that you continue to write & share with those that know & those that you don’t know . Im sure other’s will appreciation what you put in beautiful words from within your heart, just as much as I do after reading this. So…right on track, is what I say to you angel & dear friend of mine. Thank you for sharing with me.

  7. Juan says:

    :))))) Consider yourself bookmarked… :)))))))))))))

  8. Big L' says:

    A very good look sunshine…i can feel your GLOW!

  9. Richard says:

    Great piece Angela. Sounds like you’re not as rusty as you thought you were ;). Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  10. Shirley Chung says:

    Beautifully written Angela…Thank you for inviting me to your blog. Can’t wait to read more. You are blessed with the talent of words!

  11. Janet says:

    Angela, I just got a chance to read your blog and I am so happy that you created it, What a beautiful way to express what alot of us are hoping for our lives..GREAT JOB!!!!

  12. GENE says:


  13. La-Sonja says:

    I am pleased that your voice has found an outlet. I am looking forward to more posts and feel free to use me as your sounding board! 🙂
    Lots of love….

  14. James Mitchell says:

    I think the title of the blog is perfect for what you have overcome and the journey in which you are embarking on. I am proud of you and this is just another step in you maximizing the true potential in your God-given talent. I look forward to reading your take on future topics and participating in those discussions. After all, someone has to solve all that perplexes the world so why not us. We look at the world through our “special eyes”.

  15. Y.Hinton says:

    Beautiful piece…I look forward to more:-)

  16. Shirley Chung says:

    Unbelievable!! Extraordinary!! I was completely moved!! Thank you so much for including me in your beautiful, poignant insight! You are inspiring!!! Thank you!!

  17. Wendell says:

    This is good, positive stuff, Angela. Great writing…

  18. “Self-discovery is a process that never ends.”- very true. I am loving your website : )