2011: Year of the Dream Manifesto

I declare 2011 as a year for personal change. Just as our nation is taking time to reorganize and restructure, so should we. Let us take time to redefine the RIGHT goals for ourselves. Imagine looking in the mirror and not only feeling accomplished, but also truly admiring the person looking back at you.

Dreams should not be confined to our imaginations. Dreams are gifts, given to us to make us more creative, to keep us growing, and to motivate us to do the things needed in order to realize our human potential. As long as we are stay connected to mind, body, and spirit, nothing is unattainable.

With a clenched fist of resolve, I say forget about unsubstantiated limits. Remove the shackles of doubt and fear and reach for the stars. We’ve taken enough baby-steps. Now is the time for us to take STRIDES – and not only toward our outward goals; we will also have to reach deep within ourselves for the courage, strength, and resolve to do it.

Most importantly, please remember that in the grand scheme of things, no matter which path we’ve decided to take, eahc and everyone of us are teachers, counselors, hand-holders, and even shoulders for each other. Therefore, although we walk alone in our personal pursuits, we never have to FEEL alone. I ask that we do whatever we can to help each other. And provide extra fuel when necessary to keep our inner flames from going out so that – together – we can shine brightly.

So, in this coming year may we all take positive steps to realize our dreams, strengthen our connections, find success in whatever ways we have defined for ourselves and, most importantly, become better people.

Love and blessings to all.
Happy New Year

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