“Change for a Dollar”

In the article “Developing a Mindset for Social Good” (featured on Feelgooder.com), I discussed concepts and beliefs that are common within the mindsets of people geared toward social good. In particular, people who have the mindset for social change are not deterred by limitations, and they embrace the belief that small actions do indeed matter.

“Change For a Dollar,” a short film written and directed by Sharon Wright, depicts these themes. The film chronicles the day of a (presumably) homeless man as he affects the lives of several people, literally creating change (in other people’s lives) . . . for little more than a dollar. This sends a powerful message that it doesn’t take much to become a catalyst for change in someone’s life. As you watch, consider your feelings/beliefs about any personal experiences you’ve had with the themes reflected in this film.

Personal Reflections:

  • Have you ever forgone an opportunity to help or contribute due to a feeling that your assistance would be too small to matter?
  • Was there a particular story line in the film that resonated with you personally?
*Image: Nolre Lourens

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