“How to Be Alone”

“Loneliness is usually a sign
that I am not in touch with myself.”

Simply put, solitude is aloneness. There is no positive or negative value inherent within it; it takes on the quality that we assign to it. We can either embrace it as a time to be in touch with ourselves, or we can suffer through it by magnifying lonely feelings of separation. We can remain peacefully settled, or become unsettled and driven to remedy it. We can immerse ourselves in productivity – or life can stop. It’s really up to us.

“How to Be Alone,” a spoken word poem by Tanya Davis, presents a case for embracing solitude. It pairs singularity with activity by illustrating that life should not stop due to the state of aloneness. Within the many scenarios she presents, the underlying message is to continue living (versus biding time), and to treat ourselves well.

Watch and enjoy – and evaluate your mindset for what it means to be alone.

Personal Reflections:

  • How do you normally manage aloneness? Do you embrace it, or dread it?
  • Which lines of the poem resonated with you most?
*Image: Pampalini

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