Clinical Psychologist

& Mental Health Educator


Dr. Angela Irvin prides herself on providing the highest level of clinical and professional services. As a clinician, she is skilled in working with general and forensic adult populations. Her clinical training and research interests have focused on minoritized populations, including women, veterans, and justice-involved males.

As a mental health educator and writer, she emphasizes research-based information that promotes holistic wellness. She is also an expert on cultural facets of mental health relating to race, gender, and class.

Featured Writing

When Being Polite Isn’t About Politeness

Gendered politeness isn’t about being polite. It is about ensuring that women don’t disrupt the gender hierarchy.

Nine Ways to Boost Resilience During America’s Double Pandemic

At the crossroads of COVID-19 + race-related stress, self-care is crucial. But when discussing mental health is taboo, it is hard to know where to start.

Clinical Specialties


Dr. Irvin has worked extensively with justice-involved clients in both individual and group settings. She uses evidence-based interventions dually focused on reducing recidivism and improving underlying mental health conditions. Dr. Irvin specializes in comprehensive psychological and forensic evaluations, which incorporate IQ testing, personality assessment, recidivism estimates, risk estimates for violence and sexual re-offending, and behavioral assessments.


Through specialty training, Dr. Irvin has cultivated expertise in trauma assessment and treatment. She is skilled in comprehensive trauma assessment utilizing a structured interview, which is the gold standard in PTSD assessment. Dr. Irvin employs evidence-based interventions to address formal diagnoses of PTSD, acute trauma, complex trauma, and other other trauma-related issues.

Culturally Responsive Interventions

Dr. Irvin’s culture-centered research and extensive experience with culturally diverse clinical populations have engendered expertise in cultural formulations. She augments evidence-based practice with culturally appropriate assessment and clinical skills, placing her clients and their cultural stories at the center of treatment interventions.

Recent Media

1350 WLOU/104.7 FM

Featured guest on the live radio talk show, A Matter of Interpretation. Discussed common stereotypic presentations of Black women on televised media and potential psychosocial effects for young Black female viewers. Presented suggestions for managing exposure.


1350 WLOU/104.7 FM

Featured guest on the live radio talk show, A Matter of Interpretation. Discussed motivations for writing recently published article, “Nine Ways to Boost Resilience During America’s Double Pandemic.” Discussed the compounding effects of simultaneous exposure to pandemic- and race-related stress for Black Americans; presented evidence-based self-care strategies.


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